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Recycled Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree Raises Awareness for the Environment

With so much plastic waste being created everyday in diverse locations round the world, this recycled plastic bottle Christmas tree facilitates to create and elevate awareness of environmental pollutants, and hopefully educates to a consciousness to always recycle! Which is good for the planet!

Created with the aid of a collection of citizens in Elbasan, Albania, the center city public tree is crafted by using 2,200 Recycled Plastic Bottles that have been colored crimson and green, transforming them into synthetic tree branches!

The Christmas tree raises awareness on alternative options to cutting down a real tree.

It's prominant placement in the center of the city raises the consciousness on its' citizen's (and on the world) on how recycling is a essential integration into one's way of life for a more eco sustainable planet for all.

Already amazing in of itself,  the Christmas tree is illuminated at night time, showcasing its' recycled beauty to the environment.   

So, how awesome is that? 

Good for the planet. Good for you. Recycle, Re-Use, Up-cycle.


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  • December 19, 2016
  • Michele Adams
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