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Here's where every one of our 'The Village Country Store' product reviews from our beloved customers are stored. -  Just the Facts Please. Tooting our own horn. Community bragging rights. We couldn't do it without you! Big Shout Out and Love to All our Customers!  Thank you!
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Cedar Ridge Short Panel Scalloped Set of 2 63x36

I love these. I have the same curtains in a different color in another room.

Great experience...

I got exactly what I ordered and it was fast shipping.

I was very pleased with the necklace.


This is just a cute way to keep track of your glasses and I love that it is fair trade! I had a wonderful experience with customer service, too. So glad I found this shop!

Adorable little yurt

Just like the one I stayed at in Kyrgyzstan! Good quality, fast shipping. Happy to support fair trade. You won’t be sorry - just buy it!

Cedar Ridge Swag Scalloped Set of 2 36x36x16

Great and fast service! Good quality product, thank you!

Thank you so much Isa for taking the time out of your day and leaving your Five Star Review of our Cedar Ridge Swag Scallop Curtains! Your review is pivotal to customers when shopping our store. I truly appreciate your acknowledgement of our service and so happy that you are pleased with the quality of your curtains!  I love the swags! I have some in another pattern in my kitchen!! :) I hope to see you again soon! Thank you again! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper

Love the beads. Delivered as promised.

Hi Katherine! Thank you for your Five Star Review of the Kantha Necklace! I personally absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the Kantha Necklaces, and I am so happy you love them! I don't think the online pictures do justice to the Kantha Necklaces as they are absoultely fabulous and far more appreciated in person. Thank you! and Thank you for being a part of the fair trade movement, where every purchase makes a difference! I hope to see you again! Soon! :) - Michele
Kangaroo Felt Holiday Ornament - Silk Road Bazaar (O)
Amazing customer service

Not only did I love the Kangaroo Christmas ornament that I ordered I can’t say enough about the wonderful customer service that I received. I will definitely order from The Village Country Store again.

WOW Kathy! What an amazing Five Star Review of our handmade Kangaroo Christmas ornament!!! AND thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to share your experience WITH our store's customer service! Which is 'me'! :) Thank you!!!  I need my customers and your review is so incredibly helpful! I love the felted wool ornaments too! They are so well made, cute and awesome!  If there is anything I can do for you, drop me a line, - I am always here. Thank you for being a part of the fair trade movement! - I hope I see you again! - Michele/Shopkeeper
Burlap Star Panel

Well made, beautiful product.

Thank you so much Stephanie for your Five Star Review of the Stratton Burlap Applique Star Panels! It is so important when shopping online to hear the experiences of others. Letting other shoppers know the quality and impressions of your experience helps our buyers to shop with confidence. Thank you and I do hope to see you again soon! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper

We ordered a ton of stuff for our guest rooms and this store was amazing. Everything came fast and was packed perfectly. Great quality, great service, and fast delivery! Thank you!

Hi Steven!What a delight to see this review! I was so happy with the first review and now this one too! It was so much fun putting your order together for your guest rooms! (I was like a little kid in a candy shop, eyes wide open, looking over your selections)  and all the while wondering what went where and into what room(s)! And now I know!!! I bet your guest rooms are so comfy and welcoming! Thank you so much for such an outstanding review and endorsement of the quality, service and delivery! I hope I see you again - and thank you for such an incredible order! - Michele/Shopkeeper
Excellent service

Very good service. Loved the quilt

Oh my goodness!! Thank you so much Susan for your generous Five Star Review of Sawyer Mill Star Charcoal Quilted Throw!!! Your review helps other when choosing merchandise when decorating their homes! It means the world to me, and my store, knowing that my customers have taken the time out of their busy day to comment on the service and the quilts. Thank you so so much and I hope to see you again soon!!! Thank you!! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper

Amazing quality and service!

Thank you so very much Steven for your excellent Five Star Review! It truly helps others with their purchases while navigating the online stores and wares. Your review helps others to learn more about the product, the quality, and the service! Thank you! I must say, it was so much fun putting your order together!!! I got all the warm fuzzies and all the fantastic cuddlies while gathering up all the Christmas products for your order! (and I was checking your list twice!) ... It felt like maybe I was helping to set the mood for a Christmas party! It was such great fun! Thanks so much! ..and in its' own small way, it was totally delightful to be a part of it at this end of it all, (I felt a wee bit like santa's little elf') Thank you! I do hope I see you again! ... and if not, then Merry Christmas to You and to Yours! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Felt Dragon Ornament - Silk Road Bazaar (O)
My son loves his dragon!!

As soon as my 7-year-old son spotted this felt dragon as I was browsing through The Village Country Store, he wanted it and immediately starting doing chores to save up his money! He is so excited with his new dragon and keeps showing it off to everyone and "flying" it around the house. The ornament is beautifully made and easily converts to a toy! Thank you so much to The Village Country Store for making my son's day!!!

Thank you so much LeeAnne for your wonderful FIVE STAR review! What a fantastic picture you posted of your son and his new flying dragon! Thank you so much for all you do for the fair trade community LeeAnne! You are such an inspiration to others! Thank you for joining the fair trade movement! Folks, LeeAnne is the lone sole creator of ( a huge directory of sustainable shops) ...if you are looking for other ethical shops who are helping to change the planet with fairtrade ethical purchase and where your dollar counts towards alleviating poverty world wide, please take a moment to browse her extensive directory. Thank you LeeAnne! I am most grateful for all you do! So happy for your continuued patronage and I am delighted that your son loves his new dragon! ♥♥ - Michele/Shopkeeper

Laundry Room curtains

These curtains will be covering up laundry washer and dryer hook ups. I’m sure they will work out great!

Thank you Amanda for your 5 Star Review of the Sawyer Mill Charcoal Ticking Stripe Panel Set! I think they will look absolutely perfect for covering up the laundry center and hook ups! Send us a picture once hung!! Would love to see them! It is so great that so many of our home decorators have multiple uses for curtains and drapes! A while back another customer figured out a way to make a sink skirt for exposed shelves from a set of short tiers. It worked out beautifully! Thank you for sharing your vision! Can't wait to see it! Thank you. ♥♥ - Michele/Shopkeeper
Very pretty!

Received the hand painted butter dish and it's even prettier than the photo. I love Mexican handcrafted pottery and this is one of the best pieces I've purchased. Lovely and very detailed hand painting.

Thank you Rebecca for your Five Star Review of the Mexican Hand Painted Butter Dish! They are already among the favorites and are newly arrived! I love the set, wanting some of my own to adorn my table as well! Thank you for mentioning the detailed hand painting. So much artisan handcrafted care, skill, and love goes into the creation of the Handmade pottery! Thank you for taking the time to write your review and for sharing your observations on the details of the work. And thank you again for joining the fair trade movement! We couldn't do it without you! Thank you for being a part of fair trade! - Michele/Shopkeeper
great product

I love this little guy!! I have looked all over to find a similar product after my vacation in the Cayman Islands. This is just what I was looking for. Quality product and I love that is supports fair trade.

Thank you 'Pleidel'!  You lovely gecko has a perfect home with the other Gecko you purchased. They are so bright and colorful! Handcrafted by artisans!  ...and now you have a little bit of the Cayman's with your patio! Thank you for your continued support of fair trade! The artisans are paid fair market value for their art, helping them to better their lives within their families and their communities! It is a beautiful movement that is taking hold and gaining wider acceptance as folks learn about it. Your purchase truly helps those in developing countries! Thank you! ....and thank you again for shopping The Village Country Store! - Michele/Shopkeeper
Eight Inch Tiger Feet Design Metal Gecko - Caribbean Craft
Just what I was looking for!!

On a recent vacation to Grand Cayman I saw this cute gecko and wanted to find one to take home. I couldn't find one anywhere!! Then I saw these!! They are so cute and colorful. I would love to find one a little bigger, 22 inches or so but these work well on my patio. Order was filled promptly and arrived in perfect condition. And I like supporting fair trade.

Thank you so much 'Pleidel' for your Five Star Review of our Geckos! Aren't they the absolute cutest?? We sold quite a few of these, they certainly will bring a little bit of the Grand Cayman memories back to you, all the while enjoying their perfect place on your patio. Thank you too for joining the fair trade movement. Every little bit helps ...and helps other in developing countries attain employment,  education, food, water and medicines! Thank you! :)!! I hope to see you again soon! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Patriotic quilted bag!

Love this bag appearance and performance. As described and shipping was immediate. Going to web site to shop some more!

Thank you so much CJ Rankin for your wonderful FIVE STAR Review of the Patriotic Revere Claire Handbag by Bella Taylor! We love the rectangle quilted patches in Americana red, navy, and soft white fabrics! Lots of pockets for storing too, and with the adjustable cross body strap the bag is so versatile! Your review truly helps others when deciding which handbag when purchasing online! I truly appreciate your feedback! Thank you so much! I do hope to see you again soon! If there is anything I can ever do for your feel free to drip me a line! Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Quilted handbag

Love this quilted handbag, especially for Autumn. The colors are perfect-the straps fit comfortably and secure on the shoulder-I bought matching leather zipper pulls and this bag is great!

Hi Gloria! Thank you so much for your 5 Star Review of your quilted handbag! We love them too! They are such a hit this year - our customers are truly loving them! Your review helps others while shopping online when selecting their handbags! It is a big factor when purchasing to be able to see how others have enjoyed their purchase. Thank you so much for taking the time to write about the comfort of the bag and how it will fit in so wonderful with the changing colors of the autumn season fast approaching. I hope to see you again! Thank you! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Happy Customer ;o))))

The metal wall art is PERFECT in every way ... I am soooo excited about putting this up in our new house once it gets finished being built! I have a very special prominent place in our new home where I plan to hang this. But alas - the house will not be finished until Dec ... but what a great Xmas present this will be! Thank you! - Linda

Thank you so much Linda for your Five Star Reviews on your Twisted Tree of Life Metal Wall Art!  Soon December will be here, the house will be finished being built and your art will be in the prominent place that you have picked out for it! I hope you send us a picture once you are moved in and are displaying it on your wall!  That would be so awesome!! Thank you so much for being a part of the Fair Trade Movement! I hope to see you again soon! Thank you! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Ocean Gourd Drum - Jamtown World Instruments
Ocean Goird drum

Great drum, great quality, great service....

Thank you so much Sue for your fantastic 5 Star of the Ocean Gourd Drum - Jamtown World Instruments! We truly love our instruments and the sounds they create. Our artisans take great care in the creation and production of them. They are all hand crafted. Your purchase helps others in the developing countries! Thank you so much for being a part of the fair trade movement! I help to see you again! Thank you! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper

Exactly what I wanted

Thank you so much Kay for your fabulous review of our hand crafted fair trade 7.5-Inch Hand-carved Olive Wood Bowl by Jedando Handicrafts! Your review is so helpful to others when considering similar purchases! Thank you for shopping fair trade and for joining the fair trade movement! Every fair trade purchase helps other in developing countries! Thank you so much for your compassion towards humanity! I hope to see you again! Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Black Check Queen Quilt Coverlet 90Wx90L
Good quality

This coverlet is a light to medium weight, its perfect for summer, it is well made and looks beautiful on the bed, it's a perfect size and goes down on the sides of the bed. Love this blanket..

Thank you Lois for your outstanding 5 Star Review of your Black Check Queen Quilt Coverlet! You bedroom looks so serene, beautiful and farmhouse chic! I just love the way you decorated your bed with the ticking and the woven coverlets, so warm and inviting. Your prairie swags at the window speak of a time from a bye gone era! Just beautiful! Your reviews help others when deciding on fabrics, texture, looks, and quality! Thank you so much!! Your bedroom is just stunning! I hope to see you again soon! - Michele
Heritage Farm Quilt set

Beautiful quilt set, love the colors, great quality, and is so soft

Thank you so much Glenda for your Five Star Review of the Heritage Farm Quilt Set. ...and during our conversations you mentioned that it laundered up beautifully with minimal shrinkage (all cotton)! Thanks you for being such an incredible loyal customer! It means the world to me, with so many sites to choose from, that you continue to purchase from The Village Country Store! What a blessing! Thank you! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
My Red White & Blue Pillow

I was needing some decor for 4th of July. I have my great grandmothers gossip chair. Couldn't find the pillow I wanted. Until!!!. Saw discount on Patriot items from the village country store. Had a WOW moment. It looks & fits perfect. Thanks Michele.

I met Glenda right here online at my store, and now she is one of my besties! What a welcome extension of friendship and with all the pictures that she shares I feel like I am right at home sitting alongside my new friend! I love the pillow Glenda! And it is so darling on your grandmother's gossip chair! What a privilege to share your purchases that adorn your lake house! I love it! and I love you too and our new friendship! You are the best! (we have grown from customer and seller to girls chatting on the phone about life! That is so precious!) Thank you Glenda! - Michele