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Here's where every one of our 'The Village Country Store' product reviews from our beloved customers are stored. -  Just the Facts Please. Tooting our own horn. Community bragging rights. We couldn't do it without you! Big Shout Out and Love to All our Customers!  Thank you!
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Good quality

This coverlet is a light to medium weight, its perfect for summer, it is well made and looks beautiful on the bed, it's a perfect size and goes down on the sides of the bed. Love this blanket..

Thank you Lois for your outstanding 5 Star Review of your Black Check Queen Quilt Coverlet! You bedroom looks so serene, beautiful and farmhouse chic! I just love the way you decorated your bed with the ticking and the woven coverlets, so warm and inviting. Your prairie swags at the window speak of a time from a bye gone era! Just beautiful! Your reviews help others when deciding on fabrics, texture, looks, and quality! Thank you so much!! Your bedroom is just stunning! I hope to see you again soon! - Michele
Heritage Farm Quilt set

Beautiful quilt set, love the colors, great quality, and is so soft

Thank you so much Glenda for your Five Star Review of the Heritage Farm Quilt Set. ...and during our conversations you mentioned that it laundered up beautifully with minimal shrinkage (all cotton)! Thanks you for being such an incredible loyal customer! It means the world to me, with so many sites to choose from, that you continue to purchase from The Village Country Store! What a blessing! Thank you! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
My Red White & Blue Pillow

I was needing some decor for 4th of July. I have my great grandmothers gossip chair. Couldn't find the pillow I wanted. Until!!!. Saw discount on Patriot items from the village country store. Had a WOW moment. It looks & fits perfect. Thanks Michele.

I met Glenda right here online at my store, and now she is one of my besties! What a welcome extension of friendship and with all the pictures that she shares I feel like I am right at home sitting alongside my new friend! I love the pillow Glenda! And it is so darling on your grandmother's gossip chair! What a privilege to share your purchases that adorn your lake house! I love it! and I love you too and our new friendship! You are the best! (we have grown from customer and seller to girls chatting on the phone about life! That is so precious!) Thank you Glenda! - Michele

I love it. It's the cutest thing. Looks awesome between my pineapple pillows. Also I needed 4th of July Decorations. Its works for me.

I love it too Glenda! It is the cutest pillow! I love it nestled between your pineapple pillows too. I adore your lake house and how you share your purchases! Thank you so much! Love Love Love the pics!! - Michele
Worth Every Penny

Everyone has loved these cards we gave to thank them for helping on our wedding. They look unique and you make a difference in the world!

Thank you so much Nate for your wonderful 5 Star Review of the Sustainable Threads Cards and Envelopes! Congratulations too on your wedding!! ♥♥ What a super nice addition to learn that our fair trade cards were a part of your celebration! Thank you for being part of the fair trade movement! Thank you Nate and I hope to see you again soon! - Michele/Shopkeeper
Sierra Crossbody

I really like this bag. It's not too big and not too small. It's reasonably priced and the color is beautiful. The perfect bag for me !

Thank you so Mary for your 5 Star Review of the Sierra Explorer Crossbody by Bella Taylor! We recently onboarded the VHC product line and we are absolutely thrilled at the quality of their products! Your review helps others to shop confidently online when purchasing from us! Thank you Mary! Enjoy your summer! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Great Shakers!!

I love the products! and love the story with them. Keep up the great work.

Thank you so much Gavin for your 5 Star Review of our Jamtown World Instruments! We have had the best feedback on our Jamtown Instruments and your review is one more reason why they sell so well! Thank you so much for being part of the fair trade movement. I appreciate your patronage at The Village Country Store - as we do our part in the fair trade movement of helping others to help themselves. I hope to see you again Gavin! Thank you! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Lovely curtains and great customer support.

This was a great transaction. I’m happy with the product and the service received from the seller.

Thank you so much Linda for your Five Star Review of the Black Check Scalloped Prairie Set! - I'm partial to the Prairies too, such a warm welcoming window, humble and yet so inviting. I have the Kendra stripe at my window, I love the prairies! So Country!! Your review means so much to others when deciding to purchase online. It is hard to tell the quality without first touching or seeing it up close! Thank you for your review of customer support (that's me! - Michele - Shopkeeper - solo owner of the store!!) I hope I see you again. Always feel free to write to me, call me, text ... I am always here or pretty much close by! Thank you Linda! - Michele Adams
Best Curtains

Forgot picture. Sorry.

Thank you Glenda for the added picture! I absolutely love your decor! We had so much fun decorating together! ...and along the way I made a new friend for life! Thank you so much Glenda!!! ♥♥ - Michele
The Best Curtain

Ok. I've wrote a review for these. Didn't know it only let you put 1 picture. Sorry. I love these curtains. Using from bedroom to bath. Small areas. Would reccomend them. My bed/bathroom are wounderful now. Did a lot of work but worth it. Thanks Michelle for all your advice . Your the best.

Thank you Glenda for another outstanding fabulous Five Star Review! I love the Prairie Curtains, ...and the tobacco cloth fabric is so indigenous to early american country decor. - Tobacco cloth is a light, airy, loosely woven cotton fabric similar to gauze or cheesecloth. As American as Apple Pie, it was used historically to cover the tobacco plants to protect them from frost and insects. Back in the day it was used in the home for practical purposes including bandages, tea bags and window decor! I so love that you chose the tobacco cloth - keeping with the authenticity of the country decor! So loving and giving to share your reviews and pictures! Thank you Glenda! - Your outstanding reviews helps other when purchasing online! I truly appreciate the time it took for your to write your reviews and add your pictures! What a blessing and what a gift! Thank you Glenda!! - Michele
The best bathroom & more

This is 2 of 2.
Again I love The Village Country Store. Michelle the shop keeper is awesome. She helped me figure out bathroom & more.
My bathroom I ordered the Burlap Natural Shower Curtain. My bathroom is small. I needed a different kind of curtain. Well found it!!. Ordered the Burlap Natural Prairie Curtain Set. The design is so different & it workes perfect in my small space. Using a Burlap Nature Jute Runner on back of toilet. My bathroom is so awesome now. So so happy with all.
Well from my bedroom to bath, I took the door down. Again small rooms. Using a tri-fold door, Michele & I thought this would be perfect. (it is).
Tobacco Cloth Natural Prairie Long Fringed Curtain Set. Wow looks better than I would have thought. So with this I decided to take my 2 closet doors down & purchase the Tobacco Cloth Natural Panel Fringed set. Wow couldn't believe how much more room I had & the beauty of this. Thanks Michelle. Again I've washed these. Shrunk very little & used a small steamer to get what wrinkles out. Did awesome. Now my bed/bathroom is a blessing. I would recommend all to check out these items. Michelle goes out of her way to help you. This is something you don't see much of. Now I also have a new friend. Thanks for everything.

Glenda! - Your reviews make me tear up with heartfelt thanks! Such an outstanding review of my store, of the customer service your received, the quality of your purchases, our new friendship, toiling over the decorating decisions. I have such an insatiable desire to decorate, paint, and have a complete obsessive addiction to curtains (i can't help myself, my windows are constantly changing!) when you came along and said 'let's decorate' - I was all in! Let's do this! The ONLY WAY this could have gotten any better is if I lived next door to you! - and I could visit and we could do this side by side! Thank God for the internet! I made a new bestie! Somebody who loves to decorate as much as I do and appreciates the farmhouse country decor! What a blast we had! Thank you so much for sharing your pictures, and your glowing review of my online store! - all I need to do is get in my little Kia and take a drive to your lake house!!! vroom vroom! - Thank you Glenda! - friends, not only a customer, but a new wonderful friend!! ♥♥ - Michele
The Best Bedroom Ever.

I totally love The Village Country Store. I have made multiple purchases. In this review (1 of 2 reviews) I will be showing all my bedroom & bathroom updates.
Michelle the shopkeeper is so awesome. She has really gone beyond to help me get the beautiful bedroon/bath that I wanted. Love her.
I ordered the Clement Queen Quilt. It is better quality than expected. (Also I've washed this , with no problems). The bed skirt is Burlap Vintage Fringed, Burlap Vintage Standard Shams, Clement Standard Sham, Clement Runner. These choices were beyond my expectations. The pictures speak for themselves.

Glenda! Thank you! Thank you Thank you! What a wonderful review and it helps so much to know too how well the quilt held up in the wash! - I love your bedroom, your paint colors that you chose, your gorgeous quilt and the accessories! We really had a ton of fun getting to know each other - I have enjoyed so much decorating with you! ...talking with you on the phone and our facebook chats! I made a new friend! I'm thrilled! Thank you so much Glenda!! ♥♥ I am loving the pictures! ♥♥ - Michele

I absolutely love my Breckenridge Modern Wristlet Wallet. Not only being gorgeous it serves my needs. I use a cane, a pocketbook always gets in my way. Very easy to hold on too. Also it matches my quilt in bedroom (Clement Queen Quilt). Would reccomend buying this item. I love mine.

Thank you Glenda for your 5 Star Review of the Breckenridge Modern Wristlet Wallet! I can only imagine it can get quite cumbersome trying to maneuver a cane and a handbag at the same time! This way, the wristlet is on your wrist, and you can have ease of mobility with your cane. I am so happy to hear your wristlet works out so well for you. Your recommendation helps others when choosing to purchase online! Thank you Glenda!!! (I love your quilt too! - Great Pic!!) ♥ - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Extra large Quilt

I had been looking for an extra large king size quilt because I do not like bed skirts. I also needed to match a specific color scheme. This quilt is perfect! It has a homey feel to it, but a sophisticated color palette and it is extra, extra it!

Hi Linda! What a fabulous review! Thank you so much for taking the time to write your 5 Star review on the Sawyer Mill Charcoal California King Quilt Set! I feel the same way that you do; I love extra large king quilts and they are so hard to find in palettes that match our own sense of style and decor! I am so happy it is perfect! Your review is so much appreciated and is so helpful to others when making changes or adding texture and color into their decor! Thank you again Linda and I hope to see you again soon! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
My kids love these amazing wooden tops!!

I was so excited to find The Village Country Store carried these beautiful tops as I used to buy them from another fair trade store which closed!! My kids love these tops because they spin a really long time! I love buying them as student prizes and gifts. The intricate woodwork that goes in to these little tops is breathtakingly beautiful when you see them in person!

Hi LeeAnne! - Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to write such an outstanding review on the Matr Boomie wooden spinning top! Reviews help so much when contemplating online purchases when we cannot actually 'feel' and 'touch' the product! Thank you LeeAnne for all you do for the fair trade movement! - Michele/Shopkeeper
Love it!

This looked like such a fun bag and I was not disappointed with the quality. It's extremely well made. I do wish I had gone with the larger version since I carry so much medical equipment with me these days, but this is still an upgrade on size from the fair trade bag I had been using and is adequate for my current needs.

Shipping was extremely fast and my bag arrived in excellent condition.

Thank you so much Charity for your Five Star Review of Small Leather Label Messenger Bag - Conserve! We know that is often times so hard to shop online, and your feedback provides valuable insight into the construction and quality of our artisan craftsmanship and their products! Thank you so much for being an ethical consumer and joining the fair trade movement! It takes so many working parts along with commitment to help others in developing countries! We couldn't accomplish this without you! Thank you! I hope to see you again soon!! Michele/Shopkeeper

Fast shipping and product just as described. Will definitely remember them.

Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for your Five Star Review of the Breckenridge Hipster! I want one for myself! I love LOVE the patchwork bags! Your wonderful review helps others in deciding on their purchases and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing! I hope to see you again! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
100% satisfied

Product was exactly what I expected, and delivered right away! Love the puzzle owl box, so glad I found this rare find.

Thank you Amy for your Five Star Review of the Matr Boomie Owl Puzzle Box! Your fair trade purchase helps others in developing countries and we are so pleased that you are 100% satisfied! Thank you so much for being a part of the fair trade movement; helping others and changing lives! I hope to see you again soon!! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Loving my runners

I really love the Audrey Red Runner. It looks great on my black wood table. Also have the placemats. My kitchen has an unique class about it. Also the store keeper Michele Adam's is awesome. She really goes out of her way. She helped me find exactly what I needed. If you have any questions messenger her. I've now bought for bath & bedroom. The product is made well.

Thank you so much Glenda for your incredible ongoing reviews and your continued support of The Village Country Store! Your lake house is amazing and we had so much fun together sharing our ideas over the phone! I have a new friend! I am so happy that the Audrey Red Runner met your expectations and I love it on your table too! Talk soon! ...and Thank you so much! - Michele
My storage table curtains

I love these curtains. Needed something to cover the storage for my table. Michele shop keeper helped me find exactly what I needed. Thanks so much. It looks awesome. She goes beyond, to help you.

Hi Glenda! I am in love with the Kendra Ticking Curtains too! (Definitely a favorite of mine with the touch of lace and ruffled burlap bottoms!) - We certainly got creative coming up with a solution for your storage table, and I am delighted (more than you can imagine) that it turned out so wonderful! (We knew we could find a place for the Kendra Cafe Tiers! - Curtains aren't just for windows anymore!) It is so much fun getting to know you and I enjoyed our phone conversation so much! Will talk soon, as your bedroom ensemble is on its' way! Thank you Glenda! I made a new friend! You are so special! Talk soon! - Michele
Loving my Audrey red ribbon placemats

The are wounderful. Very well made. This mean a lot to me. I'm only using 2 on table the others are being used around my home. Under lamp, in gossip chairs seat, under a tall bookshelf. I've ordered the runner that goes with them. Receiving on 2.20.19. Can't wait.

Thank you so much Glenda for your wonderful Five Star review of the Audrey Red Ribbed Placemats! You have been a fabulous customer, and your reviews are so helpful when considering products online! Your pictures are just fantastic and your home is so warm and inviting. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your home! I love your lakeside home and it is an incredible joy to have you as my customer!! - Talk soon, and Thank You!! - Michele
Hanging Elephant with Bell - Matr Boomie (Bell)
Lovely and well made

Bought as a gift and the recipient loved it.
Smooth transaction in every way.

Thank you so very much Danette for your Five Star Review! Your fair trade purchase helps our global world and empowers communities in developing countries. Thank you so much for joining the Fair Trade Movement! I hope to see you again soon! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper
Sawyer Mill Charcoal Poultry Jute Rug Oval 20x30
Loving my Sawyer Mill Rooster jute rug

I'm loving this rug. Using it in front of sink. I would reccomend all the Sawyer Mill Charcoal item. I love them. Looks really good in kitchen.

Thank you so much Glenda! I love your rug too! You have been such an inspiration and I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for the fabulous outstanding reviews! We have so much fun shopping and the pictures you share are so amazing! I hope one day I can meet you, maybe do a canoe trip on your lake!! ♥♥ Thank you Glenda! - Michele
Love the button loop towel set

I didn't know I really needed. I have neuroperty & fibor. I love my trash can but touching handle was horrible. I ordered these without knowing I really needed. They fit perfect & no more metal shavings. Yaaa.

Oh my goodness Glenda! I didn't even realize you ordered it because of the fibro! What an outstanding remedy to help so many of us! Fibro pain is horrible and debilitating! It is so much fun shopping with you, and the group we started is amazing! - You inspire so many of us! I am going to write my blog today about the new fb group so we can all join and get to know each other. Thank you so much for the Five Star Review on the Loop Kitchen Towels! Now we have a dual purpose! Decorating with our love of country and medicinal in using the decor to help us get on in life!! ♥ Much hugs to you! Thank you! - Shopkeeper - Michele Adams