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Musical Instruments

Our musical hand percussion instruments are special, authentic and beautifully crafted. Each is handmade. Artisans utilize ancient knowledge using natural sustainable materials indigenous to their culture and country including bamboo, gourds and seeds.

Fair trade hand percussion and wind musical instruments, including drums, scrapers, shakers, and rattles. Jamtown prized instruments expose children to music of different cultures, teaching them about rhythm, helping to develop fine motor and listening skills that pick-up musicality more readily. Fun for all ages too!

As a member of the Fair Trade Federation Jamtown World Instruments work with small producer groups from developing countries and provide important support to low-income families through fair wages and other valuable assistance.
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Use your finger to cover and uncover the hole on the front to make a bird call. Cute design, fun to play. 4 inches in length.Meet the Artisans The Jamtown vision sees people in North America creating music with friends and family. Not fancy rock songs or orchestra performances, just a little music. Starting with our motto "Play A Beat...